Elahe Abdi

Tomorrow, as it comes, the spring

- 2023 -

Sometimes, upon seeing certain fabrics, I am reminded of a person, a place, a poem or phrase, or even a scent and taste. I envision all of these and sew a garment with that fabric.

As I gather these fabrics in a corner of my collection, a recurring phrase echoes in my mind: "Tomorrow, as it comes, the spring." And then, I imagine all the people in the streets wearing these clothes, dancing incessantly.

 Ms T0214 Copy Ms T0211 Copy Ms T0210 Copy
  • Rana Jacket

    Img 1230
  • Ziafat Jacket

    Img 1217
  • Tala Jacket

    Img 1239
  • Atlas Vest

    Img 1233
  • Sarv Jacket

    Img 1247
  • Ziafat Jacket

    Img 1236
  • Afghan Jacket

     Ms T9450 Copy
  • Ziafat Jacket

     Ms T9463 Copy
  • Tala Jacket

     Ms T9479 Copy
  • Sarv Vest

     Ms T9468 Copy
  • Hana Jacket

     Ms T9498 Copy
  • Delkash Jacket

     Ms T9489 Copy
  • Tarab Jacket

     Ms T9514 Copy
  • Ziafat Jacket

     Ms T9591 Copy
  • Atlas Jacket

     Ms T9544 Copy
  • Chaman Vest

     Ms T9566 Copy
  • Taj Jacket

     Ms T9575 Copy
  • Majles Jacket

     Ms T9559 Copy

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